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A lovely composition of a young girl and her father. I called this one rather obviously, Heads Together.

The unfinished appearance I think is quite charming.

Girl with a crown.

A natural pose here.

A close up from the finished portrait.


I think I captured the smile nicely.

It looks chaotic, but I know where all my tools are and I like to listen to a movie when I draw. 

(Les Miserables in this case!)

Amazingly luminous eyes.

A real little one here!

Simplified the original photograph, leaving out a busy background so that all eyes are on the baby.

Her lacy headband with a big blousey silk rose is a real feature.

Daddy's tattoos are symbolic, and an important part of this commission.

Curling a protruding finger to clean up the lines.

One of my favourites.

I lightened the shadows under her eyes and used soft cross hatching on her jacket rather than a photorealistic finish.

Mum snuggling her little ones ear.

A busy t-shirt deleted for this commission.

A half smile.

A close up of an orange, navy and white t-shirt.

Fleecy Baby

Great curls!

Sleepy head.

Back lit emphasising his hair.

Surfin' Granma.