Commissioning your work of art

Knowing that you worked with an artist to choose the perfect photograph and style of portrait for them shows you know how much the person in the portrait means to you. 

With my years of experience in portraiture you can be assured that your artwork will be rendered with accuracy and confidence. 

Commisioning an artist to draw a portrait from a photograph is a unique and very personal gift. 

To present someone with a drawing that is utterly original that brings pleasure for a lifetime, is very special. 

I like to think my drawings are stunningly lifelike and that any family member or friend would be delighted to be drawn in this way. 

I have a contemporary style with traditional roots.


There are a limited number of drawings on this website due to the personal nature of my commissions.

I do not exhibit any work, unless I have the permission of the client.

How to choose a photograph for me to work from.

  • It must be sharp and as clear as possible, containing as much detail as possible.
  • Good shadows or contrast makes for great depth
  • As large as possible, each face ideally should be 3cms across